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Time has no master. 

Time has no master. 

So that’s it London. Our, all-to-brief-affair is over for the time being. As always, time has no master and it stops for no one. We are heading back home...... to Canada.

You are unique London, of that, there is no doubt. I am now too set in my ways, living as I have, in Canada and spending the bulk of my life, working and travelling in North America. I do however, enjoy immensely, coming back to the UK and I can only trust that we will do this dance again very soon.

This morning I headed downstairs and instead of sausage and mushrooms and potatoes and beans...... it was a cuppa tea .....and a ....banana!! 😂....the cleanse has begun. I need to go home salads salads....repeat.


Swim, Salad,Swim, Salad, Swim, ok one Guinness, Swim, Salad..... 

Swim, Salad,Swim, Salad, Swim, ok one Guinness, Swim, Salad..... 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the pubs. The atmosphere, the surroundings, everything about them. I grew up around them with my dad and my grandad and my uncles and all of the families I knew so well back then. Pubs were places not just to drink in but to congregate, to debate in, to express caring in and of course to have the odd family feud in or worse yet a right good punch up! But they are special. 

When I was a boy, my grandmother’s living room floor was the ceiling of the pub down below. At various times my grandmother, my mother and my aunt were ALL barmaids in that pub downstairs and to say it was my grandfather’s local? Well.......😂😂😂

“I see they hid Alan’s, grandad’s clothes again Mary!” 

“I see they hid Alan’s, grandad’s clothes again Mary!” 

One time he was in there in the afternoon and had a bit too much. My granny set my mum on him to a), find out where he got the money to pay for drinks and b), get him out of there and upstairs to bed ( removing any cash he may have left in his pocket) ....oh, and the standing order, “Hide his clothes!” to prevent him from coming back down.

Later, undeterred, he did what any respectable gentleman of the times would do...he came down in his pyjamas and my brother’s jacket!!


I LOVE characters. I always have and HE was the “King of Characters,” This country is full of them. The UK will always hold a special place in my heart forever.

So yesterday was a quiet day. I stayed in my room extra-long just reading and writing before going for a walk back down to my beloved, St. Pancras station, to the Marks & Spencer’s shop to pick up some particular candies for my daughter.

There is a piano that sits permanently in the station for any and all to play and I watched a very talented young man entertain us with his skill.


Took my time walking around, then as I meandered back, i decided I wanted to just sit alone in the nearest “real” pub that I could find and of course here, that’s not difficult at all. I settled on THE BOOT a small, rather quaint, establishment and ordered myself a Guinness and for the next hour, I just people-watched and read my book.

Headed back to the hotel but couldn’t resist going into the betting shop and “punting” a few horses. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the UK. You go into a pub, order a pint, walk around the corner, put on a bet, go back to the pub, finish yer pint as you watch the race on the telly, then you rip up your betting slip cuz yer horse had three legs, order a pint, and repeat lol

Next time.....count their legs! 

Next time.....count their legs! 

Went back to hotel and had a quick soak in the tub before meeting Carm and Joe who are excited to have fish & chips the “real way” that is, in the paper, tons of salt & malt vinegar and walking in the street as you eat with you fingers, “ OooH Ahhh, yikes! Hot! Hot!” But ohhhhhh so delicious.

Afterwards we had a “Farewell To England” drink then shut it down for the night.


As I now write this, I am over the ocean on the flight home. I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight and I have tomorrow off to relax, swim, chill etc Then on Thursday Glass Tiger has an acoustic rehearsal to prepare for our upcoming acoustic tour from West to East coast in Canada. We are out there for most of November and look forward to seeing some of you along the way. As I mentioned on my socials, some of you have asked why the Hamilton show was cancelled and as I explained, bands don’t book shows; buyers, promoters, agents & managers do, and for whatever reason, between that combo, Hamilton was cancelled. I can only hope we get a chance to come play for you soon guys. We are just as bummed as you are that it’s cancelled, perhaps even more, because we had family and friends coming, and it was close enough that we could go home afterwards. 

See You Soon. 

See You Soon. 

“I wanna  thing my thong , take me home ......where the fuck are my teef?” 

“I wanna thing my thong, take me home ......where the fuck are my teef?” 

So there you have it. We have now dipped our toe, albeit just a tiny bit of the “baby” toe, into the waters of America & UK and we and our audiences had a blast. Trying to re-establish the band in these markets one club at a time however, would be a tough one, not to mention, that I’d be 105 yrs old and my voice would be a little shaky lol So we will also look to see if any festivals or suitable 80’s tours could be made available to us, in order to get us out again in front of huge crowds like we do here in Canada in the summers.

Reacquainting with fans in America, and in UK and of course with those who travelled to UK from Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and France was just so heart-warming. We love you guys and we are honoured that you still love the band after all of these years. And of course to you newcomers, welcome!!

I will blog for you on this upcoming Canadian tour next months okay?

....sing my song for you.........for everyone.  

....sing my song for you.........for everyone.  


Cheers guys