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Dear Canada blog #2 - February 25, 2018.

February 25th, 2018.


Dear Canada,

I tried staying awake until 11:30p.m. ( 2:30a.m. EST) to see if I could beat the three hour time difference but alas, ya got me and my eyes opened at 5:15 a.m. west coast time.


Took a warm tub and stretched afterward then headed down the little Caffe Umbria for a breakfast sandwich and a “cuppa” tea, accompanied by my new read, “Life Principles” by Ray Dalio.

Read and did a fair bit of writing mapping out the beginnings of a new book idea that I have going. 

Received a message from “Team Reid” that soundcheck and rehearsal was set and that we should head over around 3pm to the Mary Winspear Theatre, here in Sidney B.C. When we arrived it was great to see Johnny and the gang again. Everyone was in great spirits and without wasting any time we set about locking into the Glass Tiger segment. Just to clarify why we are doing things this way, let me explain. Johnny Reid, as many of you now know, is the producer of the new Glass Tiger album, “31” and we all decided that it made perfect sense to match us up with him on his tour which is promoting his new album,”REVIVAL.”  Now Johnny realizes that Glass Tiger is not a band that should go out before him as an “opening act.” He completely respects the fact that our legacy and our status is higher than that and in return we totally respect him for that approach. He is a class act. He therefore came up with a cool idea in order for us to work with him, promote the ne album, let people know that we are going to come back in the near future on our own, and still allow us to maintain the level of credibility that Glass Tiger has earned these past 31 years. He solves it by integrating us right into “his” show. That is to say that halfway through his set he says, “ Ladies and gentlemen, GLASS TIGER, and we enter and begin to perform a medley from the new album, followed by the song, “ Wae Yer Family,” that Johnny performs with us as a duet. It’s a clever idea. Yes, our time onstage is short, but it’s a killer way of introducing us to a brand new audience that wouldn’t normally check out what a band like Glass Tiger is up to. Of course we also get to take full advantage of all the available promo via, radio, Television and print.  



After rehearsal was over the four of us headed to Dickens Pub for some dinner after which we went for some food lol  




And so there you have it. We are all set and ready to go. Of course we will get the chance to do yet another quick run-through tomorrow afternoon prior to the show. See you tomorrow Sidney.  



Thanks Canada and goodnight.