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Dear Canada Blog #3 - Feb 26, 2018.

Still on an early clock out here in #sidney B.C. 5:15am eyes go “ping” and wide open. Been on a “morning soak & think” kick. I realize that my job allows me this little luxury since my day doesn’t begin professionally ever in the mornings as long as I am not doing a morning radio show or breakfast television (which I hate doing, if it’s a performance). Glass Tiger always seemed to have a knack of actually behaving ourselves on our days off but when told, “ Boys, you have have a tv performance tomorrow at Globan Hoban Schmogan tv studios, followed by a live in-store performance at #trynottothrowup records, lobby-call is “3:15am” in full stage gear? THAT’S when we usually misbehaved and spent the next day, deep in the depths of HADES wishing only, that a small meteor would help us out and descend, at the speed of light, from the stars, hitting ONLY.......our dressing room!

I digress however, and so my having this morning to myself I enjoyed a relaxing tub before stretching and then heading down for tea and a nibble. 



After breakfast I came back to my room and spent time on my iPad Pro continuing to map out some ideas for a second book.

In 2007 I published THE ACTION SANDWICH ( a six-step recipe to success doing what you’re already doing) and truth be told it is a mammoth undertaking writing a book and it took all the energy I could muster to undertake such a task.

In fairness though, I can go a little easy on myself due to the fact that writing books isn’t exactly all I do and it was the “fitting it in” to my already hectic schedule that was the tricky part. This time around I want to sort of “write it as I go” so to speak, whereby I will prob do a chapter at a time on my webpage here I also thought it might be fun to keep it at first for members only, and you guys can have first dibs on it AND can critique it as I go!! 

Shortly after, I headed downstairs to the gym for a light workout. I still have lots of aches and pains these days and I am still recovering from major shoulder/rotator cuff surgery that I had done Nov 6th of last year. But I did...........walk.


At 2:00pm we headed over to the Mary Winspear Theatre, here in Sidney and did a run-through for tonight’s performance. As one would suspect, it went even better than yesterday and both Johnny Reid & Glass Tiger are very pleased with our segment in this show together. Johnny’s REVIVAL tour is sure to be an amazing success.

After some amazing west coast clam chowder and edamame I headed back up to my room to chill and listen to a voice that belongs to probably the “best” contemporary blues-rock’n’roll singers of all-time: Paul Rogers.

Affectionately known as “The Voice,” he is best known for his success in the 1960s and 1970s as vocalist of Free and Bad Company. I encourage all of you music lovers, especially those of you, who like me, fancies that you can carry a tune. Listen to the texture of his voice, his tone, his intonation and revel in just how kick-ass this dude is. 

Paul now lives in Canada “as a naturalized Canadian” and I have had the pleasure of watching him perform and meeting him ( humbly.....very humbly, backstage).

His band FREE was and still is, one of my favourite bands of all-time. And so many of you know them. Yes you do! Oh, YES YOU DO!!! How many times in your life have you grooved to the amazing, classic, rock-song “ALRIGHT NOW?” Aaaaaah, see? Now you know them 👍



Lobby call for our trip over to the Theatre was 7:45pm  with Johnny going on at 8pm. Our segment was about 9 songs in with us following, FIRE IT UP which ironically I co-wrote with him. 

Our first song is really 6 songs done as a medley; SOMEDAY, ANIMAL HEART, MY SONG, MY TOWN, I WILL BE THERE & finally DON’T FORGET ME ( when I’m gone) after which we do WAE YER FAMILY ( as a duet with Johnny). The crowd loved it, and it all seemed to fit perfectly with the evening. It goes by fast with the entire segment taking about 12-15mins. As mentioned earlier, this is more of a promo tour for us than a show. It gives us the opportunity to let y’all know what we have been up to and let you know that it’s our goal and purpose to come back to all these great towns and cities all across our great nation and play a full Glass Tiger tour.  

So that was my day. Now I am off for a pint of Guinness with the lads and then off to my bed.  


Goodnight Canada and thanks