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Dear Canada Blog #14 March 9th 2018

8:30a.m. lobby call and before you know it, we were gunning it to the airport in a cab. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t late, it’s just that “gunning it” seems to be what they do out here, regardless of conditions. Seems you “western folk” like to go “giddy-up.”

 “Gotta get these pineapples to Hawaii.”

 “Gotta get these pineapples to Hawaii.”

George, our cab driver, ( a man of years), is originally from Croatia. How do we know this? Well his phone rang and he took the call, ( a personal call), on SPEAKER PHONE and without a care in the world he chatted away with, Mary, a travel agent, who proceeded to tell him all about the flight information for his upcoming trip back to Croatia, mentioning how, on way back, he is coming home via, Frankfurt.

It felt more than a little strange listening in to this and I have to admit, I couldn’t help thinking that it was a good thing it wasn’t his proctologist calling him.

“Hello George?”


 “Hey George, it’s Assman here.”

 “Hey George, it’s Assman here.”

“It’s Bill. Turns out you do indeed have polyps and we have decided to go in, via, your arse!”

He finished his conversation.

Me; “So you’re Croatian George, that’s nice.”

Anyway old Georgie-boy never went below 86km/hr, most of time hitting 90!! It was as if the snow and sleek conditions didn’t exist. Yet you could tell he was completely confident and that this was nothing to be concerned about and that we were in good hands and not at risk.

Visiting our troops.

Visiting our troops.

He did ask if we had ever been in Croatia and of course I was able to tell him yes, that Sam and I have indeed been in beautiful Croatia. Of course I didn’t go into detail with him concerning the fact that when Sam and I were in Croatia, it was during the terrible conflict that saw the breakup of Yugoslavia. We went over there on an entertainment and morale mission, visiting with the men and women of our Canadian Forces.

That war and that region, remains a very complex and complicated one and to this day I don’t profess to have a handle on it.S uffice to say though that the countryside of Croatia is very much like Italy, beautiful and serene.






usually travel Air Canada. That’s it. I do it because they are the best. Again,that’s it. Of course they have their faults, all companies do, but Air Canada tends to be consistent with pretty great service.

I also stick with one airline because when you fly as much as I do, gathering air miles and points, the “perks” that one can accumulate, really makes your travel go smoother. Today however the journey from Prince George to Grand Prairie, via Vancouver and Calgary is all on West Jet. Seems Air Canada, doesn’t do Grand Prairie. I don’t mind having to fly West Jet, they are a great company, and believe me when I say, that compared to most U.S. airlines, both Air Canada and West Jet are gods!


West Jet’s Lounge is no Air Canada lounge though. I found that out when we landed in Calgary.

It was quiet though and I was able to charge my phone and download some more “Peaky Blinders.

Our flight for Grand Prairie took off around 4pm landing at 5:25pm. This is the first time on this tour we have only had such a short window between travel and having to be at the venue (2hrs). Also our luggage is at the venue, due to the fact we sent it ahead with Johnny’s crew to save us having to lug it today of all days.

We were met by our driver, Robert.


I detected a bit of an east coast accent in him and indeed, it turns out he is originally from Nova Scotia. Work brought him here as an engineer 13years ago, his goal however is to pack up in a year or two and head back to the east coast.

Weather is a “crisp” +3 degrees and lots of snow.

Before I forget. I guy called Mike posted this letter online.




It’s from me, in reply to his fan letter from sometime in 1986-87. I am sure many of you reading this who happened to be fans back in the day, sent fan letters to us. When they first started coming in we were so taken by it all. It’s was wild. One day, you are just a bunch of young guys rehearsing night after night, playing dives, while holding down day jobs, then the next day you are all over every media outlet with sold out concerts and people from all over the world writing to you. It’s mind boggling. Answering fan mail, by actually writing??? ( can you imagine that in today’s world?). Well it all started out okay at first, but then the letters kept coming, and coming, more and more and more and......simply put, we just couldn’t keep up.

Yes, we received a few letters in our day. 

Yes, we received a few letters in our day. 

So Mike thanks for posting that. Not only is it unusual that you have this, but the fact you are a guy, willing to say that you loved Glass Tiger back then, is incredibly cool in itself. Most guys who liked us hid the fact because we were loved by so many females and guys considered that uncool.

Over the last few years, I have met men in their forties and early fifties who finally admit to me that indeed,they have always enjoyed GT. Thanks guys, you are now officially LIBERATED ! 👍#mentoo 

We hit the stage around 8:45pm and the audience in Grand Prairie loved it. Johnny was already doing his show tonight by the time we arrived at the venue, so I never saw him at all until he came out to do the duet with us on Wae Yer Family. The audience went crazy for it and I must admit,it’s an “ear-worm.” You feel like you already know it even when you are hearing it for the very first time! If we were living back in the days of radio as it once was, this wee song would be a massive hit. In this environment however, it’s yet to be seen what it will do.  

Alan, Sam & Sean. 

Alan, Sam & Sean. 

After the show I had a beer and a nibble with Sam and Sean. Al had family here tonight and he visited with them.

Headed to bed for a 7:15 am lobby call.

Goodnight Dear Canada. See you tomorrow ❤️