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Dear Canada Blog # 16 March 11th 2018

In honour of the fact that I have a complete day off I am going to give myself a little respite and not write about my day. Ok, you caught me.....I did nuthin’ alright? 

So since this is the 16th blog of the tour and I didn’t do a damn thing all day, here are SIXTEEN random things that shot into my mind. Yes, this mind can dangle over the precipice at times, then let go. 

“Avon Calling!”  

“Avon Calling!”  

1) Pulp Mills are smelly!! I remember my first experience with driving into a northern Ontario town, (it was Dryden), thinking, “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Convinced that one of the guys in the band had indeed, shit his trousers. Newsflash; you NEVER get used to it, if you don’t live there. 2nd Newsflash; I will never live there. 

2) I’d rather be the guy on the left. 



3) Heinz beans on toast remains to this day, one of the finer enjoyments in life 


4) Being “screeched” in Newfoundland.

What can be wrong with having to down a glass of 40% “moonshine” and kiss a big, slimy, smelly, ugly, codfish? Sounds like a normal Saturday night in Glasgow to me. 


 “I’ll kiss you, but you’re so damned ugly,” said the Cod.


5) When all is said and done and it’s your time to face challenges seemingly insurmountable. Love & Kindness both given and received will ALWAYS see you through. 

 “Who do you love and who loves you?”   

 “Who do you love and who loves you?”


6) What happens to a man’s waist as he ages? We start out with slim fitting pants, sitting perfectly on our hips, no belt. Then, a belt. Then we get introduced to suspenders. As the waist vanishes the waistline rises. By the time we’re 80 we’re holding our pants up with “nipple-clips.”


7) The original pressings of The Thin Red Line had 10,000 copies done in clear “glass” vinyl. The album sold millions. Do you have one of these?


8) This is what I would look like if I played for the Boston Bruins in 1967, or if Jason Voorhees sold merch at all his concerts.


9) My last visit to the dentist was a total “triumph.”


10) HOPE is overrated.

ACTION is the great determiner.

FEAR is to be expected.

BELIEF in self is a requirement.

LOVE is an absolute.

MONEY is an imagined truth.

HEALTH is everything

11) This is what a male skater looks like when his new move is passing his partner completely through his digestive tract.




13) When the alcohol wears off and you realize that,” Yes indeed, I just slept with a penguin.”


14) If you woke up this morning under this flag? Then you are lucky!! 




15) When those little buggers just start to “get to ya!” 


16) It goes by way too fast.....