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Dear Canada Blog # 21 March 16th 2018


 And on the 21st day, so it came to pass, that Alan was standing in the hotel lobby, ready to head off, yet again, to breakfast television and so........therefore.....he did........with Sam.......yet

“Verily I sayest unto you.....welcome to Groundhog Day!”

  Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz.

 Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz. Welcome to show biz.

Show business, is a business of repetition. It’s that simple. It’s about learning your lyrics, learning your jokes, learning your lines. It’s about rehearsing you lyrics, rehearsing your jokes, rehearsing your lines. It’s about delivering your lyr......oh wait, I am being repetitious. You get the picture right? That’s show biz. Musicians, Comedians, Actors etc it’s what we do. We get our 10,000hrs in very quickly, in the beginning of our careers, then we repeat that to 20 and 30 and 40,000. I always chuckle at rehearsals because I hear these same songs, over and over and I realize that I have been rehearsing ALL MY ADULT LIFE!! To a certain extent athletes are the same, especially those who are solo, such as figure skaters, practicing those moves over and over and over again but the element of competition or being a “team” player makes the outcome much more unpredictable, regardless of how much “Rehearsal” they have put in. 

Of course for us, ( my tribe ) it’s the execution, it’s the “delivery”  of those lyrics and jokes and lines, that separates the hits from the misses. The brilliant from the mediocre. The Beatles from just about everyone else lol😉

I bring this up because promo junkets are ALL, generally speaking, about saying the same thing over, and over, and over again. One can only hope that every now and again you hit that one or two, who toss little game changers, at ya. A different twist on a question at the very least or bliss, a question that no one has asked before or at least for quite some time.

Today felt like such a day.

At CTV with   Stacey Brotzel.

At CTV with Stacey Brotzel.

Live television was smooth and painless but I was exceptionally pleased with our radio visits. The on-air personalities were sharp, attentive, playful and they had done their homework, which is half the battle, right there. There is nothing worse than being on live radio when that is not the case. Lots of talk radio stations these days seem to have a new trend. They have a well-versed, top-notch, experienced, radio personality and a comedian, as a side-kick. We went to two stations back-to-back today, touting that format and it was fun. In between interviews, we managed a killer breakfast at, The Blue Plate Diner!!



I highly recommend it on your next, or first, visit to Edmonton.

 I had high aspirations of getting a workout in after all of this but I was just simply too tired. So I took a soak (and a nap 😉), in the tub.

Fantastic crowd last night at the Edmonton Jubilee Theatre. Johnny, has his 10,000 hrs and counting, down so well. He works his show and his crowd, second-to-none, and his audiences love him. The appearance of Glasss Tiger, remains a treat and a highlight, and the blend of our two personas, works to a tee! Our duet, Wae Yer Family, continues to knock it out of tha park, each and every night. 


 Johnny & Alan.

The job he’s done on the new, 31 Album, is “stellar.” As entertainers, we are cut from the same plaid but as a producer, his skill far outweighs mine. In fairness, producing and any type of engineering is just not my “thing.” I don’t have the desire, nor the patience for it. I prefer instead to write, then get on the microphone and sing and then “Elvis leaves the building.” Producers are a different breed and I prefer to put my trust in them. Jim Vallance, Sam Reid, Sean Andrews, all know my voice inside and out. They know how to manage me. They know when to tell me, “you got it” and we move on. They also know when to say, “You’ve had enough, let’s stop.” Because if left to my own devices, I will just keep going and going, thinking I can always better the last take.

Now Johnny Reid falls into this category for me. I have total trust and faith in his ability to get the best out of me. Total trust in his vision for this band and this album. Cheers John!

 After the show we went to a wee Irish pub near the venue for a quiet nightcap. Tomorrow is a day off as far as performance goes, so tomorrow I will just tell you a story 🤗 We do however have a five hour drive to Medicine Hat. Our vehicle may not be spacious inside but it has plenty of luggage space in the back, although I am going to have to convince Sam, that the St.Paddy’s Day, “kegs” are taking up too much room. 

  “For goodness sake, move over a bit!” 

 “For goodness sake, move over a bit!” 

Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow.               ~Alan