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Dear Canada Blog# 23 March 18th 2018.

Quiet day. It’s always quiet when you wake up in the town you are going to play that night. It allows you to relax all day until it’s time to perform.

The only thing I had to do today was a radio interview with Logan at CJCY102.1 here in Medicine Hat. I was joined by Al Connelly. After that my day was completely nondescript. Truth be told, I actually worked on the previous blog today due to the fact I was way too tired to finish it on the actual day. I do try to stay sort of in “real time “ with them but it gets away on me sometimes.

We now have 18 shows under our belt. We are fast approaching the half-way mark which is around number 23.

Kids? No more kids! Please no more ..,,,,

Kids? No more kids! Please no more ..,,,,

All of the families and the tons of kids have vacated the premises. The noise level has diminished significantly. I love kids as hopefully we all do, but I am not missing the decibel level around the hallways and the ground floor of hotel. I mean come on...who doesn’t love little kids? Right KoKo? 

Since my day was so quiet here are 5 random things that shot into my mind today.

1) Who gets to say, “Sorry I can’t talk right now. I have an astronaut coming over.” A very cool memory, in my vast list of memories, is performing David Bowie’s, Space Oddity, with Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield. By the way, doesn’t matter how much you have done in your life, trying to top and astronaut is a non-starter. 

Hadfield, “So I am filming my video up in the Space Station, using my iPad in zero gravity, when Huston calls and tells me there is an ammonium leak, and I have to do an immediate space-walk to fix it or there is a chance that the station could blow up!”  

Frew, “So i’m filming the video for My Town when management calls and tells me that the catering truck has broken down and I have to walk next door to Mr Sub or there is a chance I don’t eat today,” .....hmmm, I don’t think so.  


Frew-Hadfield tour Schedule; Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Space, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat. 

2) Aviators will never lose their cool. If they were cool enough for the “King of Cool,” then they’re cool enough for me.


Not bad son, now you just need a Great Escape.

 3) Choose; It’s either a pint of Guinness or a hot bath? How can I decide? Ok, problem solved. 


Wonder what it would be like if I drank the hot water and just bathed in the Guinness?  

4) The guitar player on my solo CD 80290Rewind was none other than, Kyle Cook, from MatchBox 20What a player! The CD is me covering classic songs by the likes of; Tears For Fears, John Waite, YES, Peter Gabriel, Madonna and more. Kyle was awesome; be it six-string, 12-string, Banjo, electric guitar or bouzouki, he is simply brilliant. I recorded the music for the CD in Nashville, Tennessee, and the vocals at my home studio in Toronto. The players in Nashville are through-the-roof, amazing. They work at lightening speed, flawlessly. 


 Kyle Cook, of Matchbox 20 

5) This is why I do it. This is the payoff for the thousands of hours of writing, rehearsing, struggling, travelling and sacrificing. No matter how tired or frustrated or down I may get, you ALWAYS lift me up again. I never got into this business for the money or the fame, I got into it for the love of music and the relationship with you. That’s it. If you are not there, I am not there. I have been here with you on this particular journey for 31 years of Glass Tiger and I am so happy to say that you have been here with me every step of the way.❤️

You take my breath away. Love thinks it’s here to stay. There’s still so much for me to do. And I can’t stop loving you. Oh can this be true?    

You take my breath away. Love thinks it’s here to stay. There’s still so much for me to do. And I can’t stop loving you. Oh can this be true?  

Great crowd in Medicine Hat tonight. I gave a shout out to Johnny’s family who are with him for this part of the tour during March break for his kids. I just wanted to acknowledge them and thank them for their patience and hospitality and for putting up with the fact that their dad and husband gave up six months of his life, time and effort, to help us produce this brilliant album that we are all so proud of. 


 Had a nightcap with the lads back at hotel and off to bed by 1 a.m. Tomorrow, it’s your turn, Lethbridge. 

Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow.