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Dear Canada Blog #6 March 1st 2018


Good Morning, Dear Canada and welcome to March. I am here in your town of Nanaimo, in beautiful, British Columbia.

I need your help Canada. I continue to struggle with flu-like symptoms but I am working at shaking them off. Send me a bit of that universal help to get me through this gig tonight.

Woke up around 7am and went immediately to warm tub with combination of oregano oil, eucalyptus and vitamin C. I didn’t wanna lay back too long cuz it tends to fill my lungs up and makes me cough.


Went down for breakfast and enjoyed with it, a hot fresh lemon drink, with oregano oil.

As she was delivering my breakfast, the waitress caught sight of my Patriots tattoo on my left hand saying,”I wouldn’t have pegged you for that!” not quite sure what to make of that 😉(sssh I bet she’s a Seahawks fan lol)

Weather here is crisp but lovely and I decided to drag my ass out into the fresh air to see if I could clear my head.

I walked down to the fishing and viewing dock/pier and mingled with some local sport fishermen who were all “crabbing,” whereby

they take “turkey necks” and place them into the traps and toss them out as far as they can. Within a short amount of time they then reel them back in and they are allowed to keep up to “four” crabs having shells that are a minimum of 6 1/2 inches in width. This is easier said then done, because in the half-hour or so that I hung out, I saw dozens reeled in much smaller than that and only “one” that measured up as keepable.

Being with them reminded me so much of when as a child, on holidays, up at the caravan park in a place in Scotland called St. Monance, we kids used to go down to the harbour in time for the fishing boats coming in and we’d watch the fishermen unload their haul, hoping to talk them out of a fish or two.

These guys today though, are not commercial fishermen, they are just doing this for the fun and serenity of it, plus if lucky, their lunch or dinner.

The one lad I chatted most with grew up and spent most of his life in the hustle & bustle of Toronto. He simply packed his bags though 2 years ago to move here and now does odd jobs in Nanaimo for a living and some serious crabbing every day. When I am in surroundings such as this, I always “think” I too, could live like this, but I know somewhere not too deep down within me also knows that such a thing, would be short-lived, before my needing the hustle & bustle of my city again.


I left the pier and ventured down to the Main Street. The area seems quite depressed with lots of vacant stores but I did come across the best book store I have been to in a long time. It was such a throwback to my younger life.


Owned by a local lady, this non-for-profit book store sells previously owned books, the profits from which go back into the community. It is a gem. It just makes you feel so welcome. Beautifully messy, with little nooks & crannies everywhere with old chairs placed that one may sit with a tea and get lost in a book. I loved it. It felt like the books themselves had so many stories to tell and not just the ones printed within their pages.

I bought my daughter a book; “The World’s Best Card Trick”...price? ...$3.00 Lol

When you travel and work together as much as Glass Tiger does, you learn to give each other space. Don’t get me wrong we are a “very close” group, who even after all these years, still breakfasts together or catches dinners or drinks together almost every day. Simply put, we are still great friends who enjoy each other’s company. So here I am wandering alone getting my space to myself when.....

“Oh hi Alan!”

“Hi Al!,” I reply, as I run straight into guitarist, Al Connelly just as he was exiting a cafe. Quick chit-chat and we part company. I then mosey around a bit longer before deciding to head back towards the hotel,stopping occasionally to look in store windows.


“Oh, hi Alan”

“Hi Sam!,” as I run straight into keyboardist, Sam Reid. Strange how those things happen huh?

Guess we just can’t get quite enough of each other 😂😂😂


Before leaving Toronto my daughter said,”Dad, make sure you find a Nanaimo bar.”

And so.......I did.

Got back to hotel feeling a little better. Still a little weak and achy, but definitely hanging in there. The walk in the fresh air definitely helped somewhat.

Ho passato l'ora successiva a praticare il mio italiano.

And so by 6pm we set off for a 45minute drive to the town of Duncan. Sam has done an amazing job of mapping out our travel and hotels. Whenever we can, we will stay in a hotel for two or three days, preferring to drive to a gig and back, as opposed to constantly moving hotels at after day after day. I mean look at this schedule😳

The power of the human mind is truly amazing. If you had been with me early this morning listening to my cough, hearing me growl through the phlegm in my chest, seeing me sneeze and sneeze, you have have made up your mind in short order that I was incapable of performing tonight.


Had I been home, I know this would have floored me for a few days, due to the fact ......I could. But of course I can’t. Not here. Not tonight. As Freddy said,”The Show MUST go on!”

I had the privilege of seeing Freddy and of course Queen perform FIVE times!! If there was ever a greater frontman in the history of music I would love to know who you think that is. Killer voice. Killer performer. Killer Queen. Gunpowder, gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind…

”We miss you Freddy❤️“ 

 And so for one short brief moment in time, I was able to hit the stage, sing my lungs out, then go back to the dressing room and be so grateful for the power of the human spirit. 

During the 45min drive back to the hotel I washed another episode of “Peaky Blinders.” I am starting to get into it.

When at the hotel I immediately said goodnight to the lads and headed to bed.Took a peek at the back of my laminate.....hmmmm, lots to go.



My cough is back. Could be a long night.

Goodnight dear Canada

Until tomorrow.