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Dear Canada Blog #30 March 25th 2018.

Can you believe it? Blog #30!! Number Thirty already and if my calculations are correct, our 23rd show was tonight.

Up around 10 a.m. but stayed in bed finishing up yesterday’s blog, before heading down to have a bite to eat with Sean, my assistant. Johnny Reid and family happened to be there at same time which afforded me some time to chat with Jen, his wife, whom I haven’t had a real chance to visit with since her coming out here on the road with their kids for the last week or so.


After a superb lunch I headed back up to my room to chill and watch one of my favourite movies of all-time that just happened to be on tv. The Dirty Dozen, starring Lee Marvin, John Cassavetes, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and more. I have loved this movie since I was a boy. In it, Lee Marvin’s character, Maj. John Reisman trains a small band of the Army's worst convicts and turn them into commandos to be sent on a virtual suicide mission: the airborne infiltration and assault on a large chateau behind enemy lines, filled with Nazi high command. The book and subsequent movie was inspired by a real-life group called the "Filthy Thirteen.”

In 2010, I co-wrote a song for the Vancouver Olympics, called, I Believe, which was a huge hit both for the Olympics and for a young, Nikki Yanofsky, who performed it beautifully.

CTV, invited me and my family to Vancouver for a week of festivities and attending some of the sporting events. They put us all up in a beautiful hotel called, The Wedgewood.

One day in the lounge I looked over and there was Donald Sutherland sitting with his wife. My co-writer, Stephan Moccio, commented on how it would be great to have our photo taken with him, so I headed over to the couple and took a CD of I Believe with me.

 “ Where you from son?”    “Madison City, Missouri, Sir!”    “Never heard of it.”

 “Where you from son?”

“Madison City, Missouri, Sir!”

“Never heard of it.”

I politely introduced myself, explained about the song (of which it turned out he was very familiar due to the commercials he had shot for the Olympics, with the song as its soundtrack) and asked him if we could have a photo with him.

“I’m sorry, he said. But if I do that for you, I’m afraid I may have to do it for everyone.”

”I understand,” I answered, and went to walk away.

“GET UP and give this young man a photograph you!” said his wife. 😂😂. What a moment. It was just like ANY man, ANYWHERE, no airs and graces, just a wife doing her duty and telling her husband to do the right thing and get up of his arse!!

And like any dutiful husband, Mr. Sutherland, DID WHAT HE WAS TOLD!! Stephan and I got our photo and I also got one of my Olympic tickets signed by him. He was very gracious and it was greatly appreciated. I am a true fan of his work.

Headed to gym for a workout. It’s really helps to have these multiple days where you are gigging in same town and have the days to yourself before working in the evening.

Got ready early in order that I could watch the last episode of Peaky Blinders. It has been a great distraction for me on the road. Brilliantly done, and their use of music is superb. Dunno what I will switch to next but since I am only half-way through the tour I am sure I will try something.

Headed to venue for our usual time. You know, I usually always eat a late lunch and that does me right through my gig and into the night. My preference is to go onstage hungry as opposed to a full “tum” HOWEVER, the catering at these shows has been excellent and we have been arriving and following the aroma to the food. The timing of course sucks because now it’s within 45 mins of going on..........not good! Bad habit. MUST STOP!! .....right after this little chocolate brownie.

Tonight’s show was a Sunday Night Casino crowd. They enjoyed it immensely but from our perspective it was much more laid back. Done and dusted and back to hotel by 10:15pm; to commemorate the fact that this is the 30th blog. Here are 30 random things my brain just emoted in a train of thought.

1. I actually like hanging out in airports when I am heading out. But cannot get out of them fast enough when I land. 


Moncler Boots.  

Moncler Boots.  

2. These might be my favourite boots ever.  

3. I lose things a lot.

4. Growing up, Paul was always my favourite Beatle. I discovered John much later, and switched.

5.Growing older isn’t anything like being a fine wine at all!

6.Music really is THE Universal Language.

7. A wise man taught me that turbulence is really only like, “A boat bouncing on the waves” and it amazingly helped me with my fear of flying immensely.

8. Canada really is ENORMOUS!

9. Surely not EVERYBODY was Kung-Fu fighting?

10. I know what is so special about the word “dreamt” do you?    

11.  Having a dog is the perfect alibi if you ever happen to pee your carpet.

12. Hey West Jet! These aren’t auditions for a new TV Show called, “Canada’s Talent Is Dodgy At Best?” Please stop singing to me.

13. I wonder if anyone has actually had a heart-attack while listening to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart?”

14.   I hate Starbucks. I'm never sure if the person in the line ahead of me is ordering a drink or casting a spell.

15.   Always remember, Tequila accepts you for who you really are.

I think I may need surgery .   

I think I may need surgery . 

16.  The x-ray results on my bad left knee are finally in.

17. I am already having “Peaky Blinders” withdrawals.

18. I would actually go as far as to trade hair IN my ears for a “man-bun” that’s how bad I hate hair in my ears.

19. Tweeting someone to say, “I am unfollowing you.” Is like calling someone to say, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

20. Yesterday I really wanted Guinness. Today I am drinking Guinness. Follow your dreams.

21. People ask me all the time what, ”Wae Yer Family” means. Simply put, it means, “Can I come live with YOUR family instead??”

22. First the doctor told me the good news. I was going to have a disease named after me

23. In my entire career I think last night’s show was number 1,356,745, give or take one or two.

24. People often ask me if there are any baby pictures of me. This is the earliest one I could find.

 “Let’s call it, Alan!”   

 “Let’s call it, Alan!” 

25. I once asked my dad the secret to a long marriage (60 years with mum) he said, “Outlasting your opponent!”  

26. I actually think I would rather die than eat goat cheese. Ok maybe not die, but forfeit a limb for sure.

27. 1N73LL1G3NC3 15 7H3 4B1L17Y 7O 4D4P7 7O CH4NG3

                    ~573PH3N  H4Wk1NG

28.  HOPE is overrated. ACTION is the great determiner. FEAR is to be expected. BELIEF is a self-requirement. LOVE is an absolute. MONEY is an imagined truth. HEALTH is everything.

29. I nicknamed my Father, “The Exorcist.” Because every time he came over to my house, all my “spirits” disappeared.

30. Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow.