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Dear Canada Blog # 31 March 26th 2018.

Had  a lobby call for 9am in order that Sam and I go to a local Winnipeg radio station before leaving town. They are an 80’s station, who have a pretty cool format whereby they also play, “What’s new Today,  meaning that one song might be an old Cindy Lauper and the next one a new Lana Del Rey. 

Lana Del Rey as shot by my friend, Julian Lennon.  

Lana Del Rey as shot by my friend, Julian Lennon.  

Got back to hotel for a lovely breakfast, other than the fact there was construction going on in the kitchen that sounded like Noah was having a hard time getting the kanga’s on the arc!! It was so loud that the manager did the classy thing and did not charge us for our breakfast. Thank You Fairmont Winnipeg, that was very nice of you.  👏👏👏 

Another day, another plane. 

Another day, another plane. 

Headed to airport for a West Jet flight to Thunder Bay. Oh jeez, surely no singing from the staff, please!!! Met a really nice woman in the lineup who is a Warrant Officer in our military. We chatted, and I told her that I loved to visit the military. She asked in what capacity. I told her I was in entertainment and that we are a band. I also told her that our keyboard player was an Honourary Colonel, in the Canadian Forces. She said that was nice and that she was jealous because she has never had the chance to go overseas. You see, she is a dentist, she looks after their teeth, here in Canada only. She asked me, what countries I have been in, to visit our military; I told her, Bosnia, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Germany, Israel, Dubai, Greenland and of course Afghanistan. 

Dear Canada, as you well know, if you don’t ask me what I do for a living or the name of the band I am part of, I never volunteer it, preferring just to chat about you or what’s going on in the world around us. In this particular case, she had asked me what I do.....BUT.....she hadn’t asked me the name of the band....and everything was going along smoothly when...”So what’s the name of your band?” she asked.  

 ......with the children of Afghanistan.

 ......with the children of Afghanistan.

HOLY SHIT!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? AAAAAHHHH! Oh I have to get a photo, I just have to get a photo!” Now she’s shouting across to her friends to get over to us, while asking bystanders to take the photo. It NEVER ceases to tickle my funny bone when things like that happen. Sometimes I get recognized immediately, while other times I watch it develop as people try to put two and two together. Then there is this, where they have no idea who I am for whatever reason BUT yet they love Glass Tiger and when they find out? BOOM! 

It still warms my heart that so many of you still love this band ❤️ 

We landed in Thunder Bay around 5pm or so and made our way to the hotel. 


  It feels good to be back in Eastern Standard Time, if only for the reason that it means we are getting closer to Toronto and surrounding areas, which means that after each gig, we get to go home to our own beds at night, see our families and our friends, not forgetting our pets. My dog, Harry, is still sitting by the window each and every day waiting on his dad coming up the driveway.

 “He’s coming soon, he’s coming soon, he’s coming soon, he’s....”

 “He’s coming soon, he’s coming soon, he’s coming soon, he’s....”

I lose things. You are all readily aware of that fact. It’s been something that has plagued me for years. Wallets, phones, shoes ( not on my feet 😂), jackets, keys, you name it. I am a pretty together guy and a pretty scattered mess, all rolled into one. I accepted it a long time ago though, and so I just don’t freak out over it anymore. It’s just not worth it. I breathe. I say, “ Aw, shit!.” Then I get on with it.

In my home city, Toronto, I used to get calls from 53 Division Police Precinct, “Alan, we have your wallet again. No money in it this time but they’ve left all your important plastic.” One time I even lost it, they got it back, called me, I picked it up, went out that night and lost it again! So here I am on tour. Prime “losing ground” territory. I try my best each and every day to pay close attention to my stuff but I swear there are little “stuff-stealers” that follow me around taking my shit while at other times, l have no idea how I can look at things and just not see them. Case in point. I go to the laundry-mat and wash my stuff. I have two dress shirts with me, one being the new, Royal Stewart Tartan one that I showed you guys in a previous blog. Brand new, not cheap, he says, “ Do NOT put them in the dryer Alan! Take the two shirts back to your room damp and hang them up to dry, in order that you can walk out of the room the next day and leave them behind in Lethbridge.” Good lad!

Then for good measure, leave your beautiful, electric, toothbrush, still in it’s case, in Medicine Hat, just in case the next guy forgets his. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

But wait Dear Canada, sometimes the universe cuts you some slack or is only out to make your life a little more goofy than it already is. Case in point; my shirts have been located and although I now have to pay a courier company to transport them all the way back to Toronto, I am happy I will get them back.

As for my toothbrush? I searched high and low for that sucker. It’s gone. And so tonight, I left the hotel, crossed over the highway to a SUPERSTORE, and bought another one. Returning to hotel, I set it up, plugged it in and went for dinner. A nice meal, a nice 2 hours alone, I returned to hotel, readied for bed and brushed my teeth with the new electric gadget. Finished that, knowing I now have to go to my knapsack to get my pills. Open her up and............yup!


My friggin’ electric toothbrush is there!!! WTF??? WHO ARE YOU LITTLE CREATURES??? HOW ARE YOU PULLING THIS SHIT OFF?? 😳😳😳😱😱😱🤪🤪🤪😂😂



It’s me.


When Sam hears this shit tomorrow he’s just going to yawn, shrug, raise his eyebrows and say, “Rrrright.”


He’s witnessed this stuff for years. It’s a game-show to him; “He has a new pair of boots ladies and gentlemen. Ohhhhh! Wait!  He’s lost them. But wait! Wait! Ohhhh, he’s got them ba....awwww no, he’s lost them again! 

And so now with TWO electric toothbrushes on the road with me and shirts that I wanted to wear now on the road to Toronto, I head to bed.  

Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow.