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Dear Canada Blog #8 March 3rd 2018

Still continue to struggle with cough and chesty phlegm crap. Was awake a lot. I am trying all the tricks of the trade to stay on it but as we all know, it’s tough, and just has to run its course. I went back to bed around 6am and managed to nod off until about 9am

Did some writing for a bit then met Sam downstairs in the lobby. We went for a bite to eat and as we were walking through the downtown area of Vancouver, we both gave each other a look to say,” Can you smell the pot everywhere?” Lol it was crazy.


We stopped in to a Pub/Restaurant and I had some Shepherd’s Pie and tea as Sam and I discussed some of the up coming formats we have for shows. Things get a bit tricky for us since releasing our new Album 31. Let me explain.

We have what you might call the rock show. Quite simple. It’s us rocking out on the all tunes you would imagine and expect from us.

 We would like to bring back some tracks that we haven’t played in years, like for instance; Stand or Fall, Ancient Evenings, This Island Earth etc which is a simple thing to do, we just decide which ones, rehearse them, and plonk ‘em in the show.

The next is more what one might call, “The 31 Show.”  Way more stripped down, acoustic, Celtic, requiring way more work to put together. This set also has an even more stripped down version available when we are in tiny small towns with really small venues that under normal circumstances, wouldn’t get a band like Glass Tiger in their town.

Sam, Me, Jonathan Roy ( who opened for us) and Al. 

Sam, Me, Jonathan Roy ( who opened for us) and Al. 

We did an experiment last winter where four of us Sam, Al, Carmela ( our back up singer) and I, went into really remote areas of northern Ontario and played for the folks up there. Some of the venues were high school gyms because the towns don’t have theatres. It was like a throwback to our humble beginnings but the people loved it and we loved them.

Then we have preparations for our upcoming June 23rd Massey Hall show which is a big one, an important one for us simply by the fact we have never played there before and it is such a prestigious venue in my our city of Toronto.


Back in the day, when we first hit the scene Massey wasn’t in our line of sight due to the fact we could put 20 and 30 thousand into venues. Then of course time goes by and we just missed out on doing it. But now that GT has this renewed resurgence, it seems like the perfect fit for us and for you. So if you don’t have your tickets yet nab ‘em now!! So Sam and I began by making a list. One ALWAYS begins making a list 😉

What in the name of “Great Caesar’s ghost!” Is going on in fashion these days? It’s like EVERY major designer wants people to look like refugees from a Miami Vice episode, who just happened to stumble onto the set of a bad Japanese Godzilla movie!!! And of course whenever you see Godzilla there is only one thing to!!!

Holy shit everything is dragons, laced in plaid, wrapped in silk, hemmed in corduroy, dipped in pastels, then ripped up and sewn back together again by a blind seamstress. IT’S AWFUL! Take a look... 




I walked through Nordstrom and Holt’s today and I just don’t get it. To each there own I guess but I cannot wait for the Godzilla phase to pass.


I mean “COME ON!!” is it just me? Am I over reacting or is that not something out of a science-fiction movie that hasn’t been made yet.? I think that guy at the bottom knocked on my door not that long ago saying, “ Trick or Treat?”  







“Godzilla! Where are you?!!!” 


Glass Tiger’s manager, Andrew Turner, from Enlightened Management, arrived into Vancouver today and will be with us this weekend. We had a band chat this afternoon during which they forced me, physically, to eat some delicious Tiramisu ( those bastards!) 😉

With a 6pm lobby call we headed off on the drive to Abbotsford. Weather has been great here today. Roads great.


With more than a little trepidation regarding my voice we hit the stage around 8:50pm; there is no doubt I am not nearly 100% but of course once again,  I am my most vicious critic and those around me said I did great and the audience seemed to love it but I cannot wait to lose this shit in my chest and throat whatever it is.

During our duet tonight of WAE YER FAMILY Johnny threw us a curve ball; each night in the middle of the song we do the “toast.” I sing the first part, Johnny sings the second part, then song comes back in and we chorus out to the end. Well at the end of the toast tonight, Johnny segues into the Scottish ballad, “FLOWER OF SCOTLAND!” But he doesn’t tell any of us, nor the band, which is ready to come back into,  Wae Yer Family

Two Scottish lads. 

Two Scottish lads. 

.........a quick readjustment ....I picked up on it and sang with stopped the count in and now waited for us ....and boom! back in we came and finished Wae Yer Family and crowd loved it. Well played Johnny!

Made the drive back to Vancouver in time to have a bite and a beer with the lads.

Headed to bed shortly afterwards


Goodnight Dear Canada