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Dear Canada Blog #12 March 7th 2018.

Well I certainly made my life interesting this morning. I decided not to do the drive with the lads back to Vancouver ( 5 hours), opting instead, to fly, (58mins), all good right?

Ahhhhh, but I let my large suitcase go ahead of me, to save me lugging it and in that suitcase were my contact lenses ( my prescription being somewhere between -6.50 and “blind as a bat!”

“I sing for Glass Tiger, did you know that?” 

“I sing for Glass Tiger, did you know that?” 

So what was I to do? Well, I had no option but to rely on good, old-fashioned, human, ingenuity, to get me through.

So I went to the front desk.

“Excuse me, I said to the front desk attendant. I have a little problem.” And after explaining my dilemmato her, we located a local optometrist and calculated that if it opened at 10am and they could indeed help me, I would still have enough time to make it to the airport for a 12:15 flight, but it would be tight. 

I called them and the lady on the other end was very nice but she was determined to do things by the book and so she had specific questions that I couldn’t answer. Hmmmm what to do? We settled on the fact that she would wait for a doctor to arrive and call me back.

Nope, not good enough.

I packed my backpack, called a cab and headed to the mall.

My cab driver, Kal, a very personable guy from India, was very empathetic to my plight and when we got to the mall he asked if I needed help negotiating my way through the building to the LensCrafters store. I told him I would be ok and to just wait for me, meter running. Through the haze of blindness ( and a head’s up from the girl at the hotel front desk on exactly the position of the store) I made my way there.

“Hello, I am the blind guy from the phone call earlier.”

The ladies were very nice and the one whom I had spoken to directly came to my assistance right away BUT, she still needed the information that she had hoped to get from my guys in Toronto, or else, take a seat blind man, until a doc got there.

Nope not good enough.

I called my optometrist office in Toronto but damn, no answer. I love them but they are the worst to get on the phone in a hurry.

Again, not good enough.

I suddenly remembered that the optical store where I buy my glasses, has an office next door to my optometrist’s office.

Call. RRRrrrrrrrriiiiing,


“Perry, it’s Alan, I am standing here in a mall, blind 😂.....can you please run next door and get them to call me ASAP?” 

Perry runs next door and my phone rings shortly thereafter.


“Lois, it’s Alan, I am standing in a mall, blind!!” double 😂😂 I bring her up to speed before she then gets on phone with LensCrafters lady.

I am now clock-watching.

Suddenly she says,”Here you go. You can wash your hands in there and here is a mirror.”

“How much do I owe you,” I ask.

“You don’t owe anything,” she says kindly.

I thank them profusely and tell them I will mention them in my blog. She asks me if I will also go online and click on their “How was our service, app.”

“Happy to,” I reply.

Now with vision intact, I hustle back to Kal, who is waiting patiently for me in the parking lot. “Hit it Kal!!”

On the way, we make small-talk. We chat about India and Scotland and just how FORTUNATE we are to live in a country as wonderful as Canada. He got me there “lickety split” and I make it to the check in, through the bag check, AND still have time for two eggs over easy, toast and a most-welcomed cup of tea ☕️🤗

So how was your morning? Lol

The beautiful “Rockies” from my plane.  

The beautiful “Rockies” from my plane.  

Still lugging this cough. Still trying those remedies. Poor lady on the plane beside me must have thought I had the “dreaded lurgi” ( I’ll leave you to google that one 😉). I know how I feel when some poor bugger is beside me on a plane, hacking up a lung. So I fully understand why she pulled her hood over her head. Tied her sweater across her face. And stuck her head out of the window. Ok, slight exaggeration. 


Arrived back in Vancouver and was picked up by Charlotte, the Warner’s Music Rep and given a ride to the hotel. Got time enough to splash water on the face then rep took Sam and I to @rock101radio for an interview followed up with an @global tv interview and a FB interview, and then........this happened. 

One of my pet hates is lugging dirty laundry around with me. Of course it happens when you live in a suitcase every day with a hectic schedule like this, but it doesn’t make me hate it any less. If I am in a hotel that offers a washer and dryer then I am there, ASAP. If I am in a hotel for more than one day ( which on this tour is very seldom) then I will have them send my laundry or dry cleaning out. What happens however, if I have laundry and it’s too late to send it out and the hotel doesn’t offer a guest washer and dryer? What’s a boy to do?


Well, this Man, people are protective of their “folding tables” aren’t they? I thought I had one until a man and woman basically hip-checked me into submission. “Easy Doris....easy Fred. Hey!!! Are those my underwear?” 

Sam and Al went into Gastown tonight to an Irish Pub. A most lively section of Vancouver, Gastown is known for its whistling Steam Clock and mix of souvenir shops, indie art galleries and decor stores in Victorian buildings. A trendy food and drink scene includes chic cocktail lounges and restaurants serving everything from gourmet sandwiches to local seafood. Hip eateries also dot the neighboring Downtown Eastside area, while the up-and-coming Railtown district is home to edgy fashion studios.


Under the pressure of the local community to preserve Gastown, it was designated an historic area by the provincial government in February 1971, and the old buildings were saved from the wrecker.

I stayed behind and took my assistant Sean to dinner. Had great west coast Salmon😋that severely hit the spot.

Headed to bed around 9pm and I now have a 9am lobby call.

Goodnight Dear Canada. Until tomorrow ..when I get back in the “ring” again ....