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Dear Canada Blog NUMBER 50!!! April 14th 2018

Well they weren’t kidding about the storm!! Do I really have to show this again?? Is this THREE blogs it has now appeared in? 


Come on “Old Man Winter,” give us a friggin break. 

Yesterday it was plus 11 degrees in Ottawa, now it has plummeted and the storm looms.  

A THEN & NOW cake. 

A THEN & NOW cake. 

We walked from hotel around the corner to a pub-restaurant called Darcy McGee’s to attend a VIP brunch that a fan had purchased. Stella and her friend Kirsten had the prefect opportunity to get some uninterrupted Glass Tiger time in, over a quiet bite and some tea. She told a tale of how she rediscovered GT. As a young girl, she was a fan, but as years passed she drifted away, but of course always loved the classic songs. Then one day, just over a year ago, she suffered a stroke. Luckily it was not one that affected her profoundly but enough to make her aware of her mortality. During her time around the Heart & Stroke world, she saw me on the cover of their magazine and she read the article inside and was empowered by my story. This caused her to reaquaint with what we have been up to recently and now she is back “full throttle” as a fan, attending our last sold-out show in Montreal and planning to attend Massey Hall June 23rd.

Stella (beside me) and her friend Kirsten. 

Stella (beside me) and her friend Kirsten. 

After brunch we took photos and she presented us with a pretty heavy duty cake, symbolizing THEN & NOW. We took photographs together then said our goodbyes and set off.

 “Oh come on already!”

 “Oh come on already!”

The ice rain began not long after we left Ottawa. We moved permanently into the far right lane, slowed down, and limped all the way to Kingston

I managed to get an hour on the treadmill. Weather outside BRUTAL but the show went ahead and despite the awful weather the arena was jammed and audience was fantastic. 

In honour of this being the FIFTIETH BLOG! here are 50 things shooting into my head with no rhyme or reason;

1) Saddened by the death of Milos Forman director of two of my most favourites; AMADEUS & ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’s NEST.

2) My parents and uncles and aunts used to name pets after alcoholic beverages. (Seriously) If my dad shouted “Whiskey!!!” The dog would come running AND my mum would appear with a drink in her hand. 

3) I have worn a kilt only twice in my life. First time at my brother’s wedding when I was 9 years old, second time was in the, THIN RED LINE video.

4) The new version of MY SONG is a duet with GREAT BIG SEA’S, Alan Doyle.

5) I once tried the tequila diet. I lost five days, my house keys and a guitar.  

6) When you are older parents, naming the baby is a nightmare, due to the fact that you both keep coming up with names of people the other one hates. Happily though we solved it, we compromised and my daughter, Nefertiti is thriving.

7) I found your missing teeth. 


 8) I still think Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would have been more relatable if one of the dwarfs had been named, “Boozy”

9) I secretly had a crush on Betty Rubble. 

10)  I once upon a time paid a scalper for a ticket to see Steve Martin at Maple Leaf Gardens.

11) Banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories per hour.

12) If you leave everything to the last minute, it will only take a minute.

13) I’ll take the Canadian for $500 please Alex 

   I rest my case. 

 I rest my case. 

14) I once did a fellow orderly up as a corpse on its way to the morgue and awaited a regular call from the girls on West 4 in our building. When we were all gathered nearby the “dead guy” I gave a code word and the corpse sat up! One spontaneous urination, four runaways and two slaps was STILL funny. 

15) I attended two high schools; COATBRIDGE HIGH and HURON HEIGHTS HIGH.

16) Him; “Red wine?” Her; “Yes please.” Her; “Oh I love you!” Him; “Is that the wine talking?” Her; “I was talking TO the wine!” 

17) Do you know the warning signs of Stroke; F.A.S.T. Face drooping. Arm weakness. Slurred speech. Time to call 9-1-1. 

18) A gypsy, tea-leaves-reader, once told my mother when I was just five, that I would be a doctor. She sure came close.  

19) When my daughter was little I watched Toy Story 57 times. I even watched it twice with her.  

20) I am typing this in a warm tub with a cold Heineken. I fail to see the problem. 


21) I have a pair of Joe Biden’s cuff-links.

22) Glass Tiger’s first tour bus was called, “Paradise”

23)  I once went to Afghanistan just to get away from family fighting!! 

24) Why isn’t Hiccup spelled Hic-cup? 

25) On the night before I won my first three Juno Awards, my mum said, “When are you going to get a real job?”

26) We used to tell people that our band was called, TOKYO because we heard there was a band from Japan called, “NEWMARKET.” 

27) Where the fuck is WALDO? No, seriously, where the fuck is he?  

28) Me meditating; “ Ohmmm, Ohmmmm, Ohmmmmz, Ohmmmmmzzz, Ohzzzz, Ozzzz, Zzzzzzzz, 

29) I once found a quarter in my son’s diaper. It came in handy when I had my next Bubbalicious craving. (yes, yes, I washed it!) 

30) DIAMOND SUN’S original title was African Sun.  

31) My middle name is Graham. Named after the neighbour across the street who took my sister in while I was being born at home.  

32) I once actually “yodelled” on a Swiss Alp. 

34) Just before scoring on me Mario Lemieux once yelled out, “NICE EYES!”


35) On my solo album, HOLD ON the song YOU’RE THE ONE is the earliest song ever written by me to be recorded and published. 

36) I love Maltesers. 

37) Yes I have tasted dog biscuits. Who hasn’t?

38) Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. W.C. 

39) The tattoo on my neck says, “Know Thyself.”  



40)  Coatbridge, my town of birth, was nicknamed, “Little Ireland.” 

41) I once ordered TWO Heineken’s in a bar in Monaco. My pal and I clinked our bottles and I was in mid-sip just as the barman said, “That will be $84.00 Monsieur.” 

42) My favourite Rod Stewart song is, EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY. 

43) Sausages.  

44) Nicknames I have had and to some “still” have; Frewzy, Chelsea, Bob, George, & Jerry. 

45) If I could be anything other than a musician it would be an actor.  

46) “Years are only days, holding the Seconds of each passing Hour.” A.F.

47) I wrote a book called; THE ACTION SANDWICH (a six-step recipe to success doing what you’re already doing.) 

48) I have NEVER eaten a deep fried Mars Bar. 

49) My wages for opening up for Boy George and Cuture Club back in 1984 was $20.00 but that was U.S. I might add! 😂

50) You’re next HALIFAX!  

Goodnight Dear Canada until tomorrow ~Alan