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Dear Canada Blog # 54 April 18th 2018.

Up around 10a.m and hit the treadmill, followed by a bit of breakfast. I have admitted to you Dear Canada, that at times, I am, shall we say, “A bit scattered.” That is to say, I lose things. I could lose a shoe in mid-step and not notice ‘til I lost the other one and realized I am in my bare feet. But I have come to terms with it as part of my life. 

It hasn’t dawned on me yet...wait for it... 

It hasn’t dawned on me yet...wait for it... 

 So far however, generally speaking, I have landed lucky. That is to say, lots of times, things have turned out in my favour. Like for instance the time I had a large sum of cash in an envelope, on my way to the bank, and I stopped at my local golf course to see a pal. On the way back to my car I decided to hit a few balls on the driving range, but still had the envelope in my hand ( why? Fuck only knows) and so I sit the envelope with the wad of cash on a fence ( yes......A FENCE!!) and I proceed to hit balls. Yes Dear Canada, of course I then get in my car and drive away, leaving the envelope on the fence and I proceed to drive for a good 15 or 20 minutes only to FREAK, turn the car around, race to the golf course, run back to the range, and there it was, STILL sitting on the fence. Or how about more recently, receiving a Bottega wallet for my birthday, stopping by a pet store for cat and dog food, loading it from the shopping cart into my car, then driving all the way home only to realize my wallet with everything in it, including cash is still in the cart. I drive all the way back to the parking lot and there is the shopping cart still sitting all alone, untouched, with my wallet STILL in it. This particular tale however, gets better, for not long after that incident, I go to Nashville with Sam to record 31 with Johnny.

During a break for me, I say, “I’ll run out to pick up some supplies” and I drive to the nearest large grocery store, KROEGER’S, to pick up supplies, load them into the rental car, drive back to studio, work for at least an hour or two, before I write and sing new lyrics for Someday like this;



And so there I am zooming back in my car to yet another parking lot, going through yet more shopping carts, for the same wallet, this time however, to no avail. So I go inside and there are a bunch of young staff milling around chatting; 

Me: “Excuse me, I have done something really dumb. I was wondering if....”  

Young woman; “Here’s your wallet.”  

Johnny had made a comment as I was dashing out of the studio. He said, “Well if it’s any consolation, you couldn’t have lost your wallet in a more honest part of Nashville.” He was so right. I offered the young girl a reward but she said it was a customer who had found it and brought it in. It certainly restores one’s faith in humanity when things like that happen. Travelling as much as I have over the years and still do, I have had the opportunity to return wallets and phones and cash and golf clubs etc to other “losers” ( my people 😂) and it gives me great joy to see that look on their faces of great relief, knowing they don’t have to start cancelling cards, replacing driver’s licences and shit..... 

“I just lost my pants! Cheers!”  

“I just lost my pants! Cheers!”  

I have  hundreds of stories like that and for those of you who may think it’s an age thing, think again, for this has been the story of my life since boyhood.

 “It seems that not only is my short term memory horrible, but my short term memory is horrible.”

The reason I am telling you this is because just prior to heading to the treadmill, I heard housekeeping outside my door. I decided I didn’t want service, just a few towels and check me off as done. So, I put the dead-bolt out on my door and stepped outside my room ( the dead-bolt of course preventing the door from closing, so as not to lock me out.) She gave me the towels and I headed back in, put them in bathroom and set off for the gym. I work out, then go eat. I had a leisurely, slow, lunch, then up to my room guessed door is STILL DEAD-BOLTED AND OPEN!!

“Hello, you need some cash? Go ahead, take mine, on the desk over there, see it? Yes, there. Oh! It’s a silver bracelet you are after, grab that one beside those credit cards. Passport? Take that leather knapsack, it’s in there!” 

Everything was STILL there, untouched, except of course for my pride, as once again, I felt like a complete “diddy.” But hey! genius has its price right? 😉😂

I headed over to Johnny’s hotel with Sean, to do our podcast. As I mentioned, these podcasts will be nothing more than you, the viewer, just sitting in on what would normally be a private conversation. No format. No structure. Just following where the conversation leads us. What an amazing character Johnny Reid is. I hesitate to say that anyone completely “makes it all on their own,” but Johnny Reid is a close as you’ll ever get to that. I know you will enjoy this podcast as the man reveals how he has managed to turn his life completely into his passion and his passion COMPLETELY into his life. The similarities Johnny and I share are uncanny, other than the fact that I am some 17 years his senior, our stories are like bookends.

Johnny being Johnny.

Johnny being Johnny.

The show tonight was a mirror image of last night, except for one beautiful moment, when during, “Wae Yer Family/Flower of Scotland,” a young girl, who is completely blind, wanted to be taken to Johnny because she could “feel” the music and was so moved by it, she couldn’t help herself. Johnny wrapped his arms around her and held her as we sang. He then motioned to me to come over and sit with them. I LOVE spontaneous moments on stage and so I did, although vocally our moment was coming rapidly to an end. Never fear, I broke into the second verse of Flower of Scotland and “Bob’s Yer Uncle” we ended beautifully and finished as we normally do.

My pal Jeff Liberty was at the show and I met with him and his pal Brent for a bite after the show. We then walked over to the Old Triangle for a pint. My head hit the pillow around midnight. You’re next Charlottetown. 


Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow ~ Alan