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Dear Canada Blog #39 April 3rd 2018

Ahhhhh, Dear Canada, another day in my own home and another gig in my beautiful, home city, Toronto.  For those of you reading this from afar, perhaps unfamiliar with Canada or certainly Toronto, it is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. With 3,000,000 or so residents and growing, it is the largest city in Canada and fourth largest by population in North America.

Toronto is a centre of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Beautiful Toronto.  

Beautiful Toronto.  

The name of Toronto has a history distinct from that of the city itself. Originally, the term "Taronto" referred to a channel of water between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching but in time the name passed southward, and was eventually applied to a new fort at the mouth of the Humber River. FORT TORONTO, was the first settlement in the area, and lent its name to what became the city of Toronto.

A song I wrote about my love for Canada.

A song I wrote about my love for Canada.

I love living here in the city and of course in my beautiful home country of Canada. Here (to  quote myself from my own song FREE TO BE (Canada’s Song.) you truly are, ”Free to be a dreamer, Free to be who you are.” For in Canada, we don’t fret over, nor focus on, your race, religion or lack-thereof; we don’t judge you by your gender or intersex, nor do we care whom you choose to love. In Canada we are racist and biased against one type of people only..... assholes! That’s it. If you want to ram your supremacy of any kind down our throats, if you want to be unkind and cruel to those around you, especially those who cannot defend themselves, including animals. If you want to take this life that you have been given and apply it to conning and stealing from hard-working people. If you would deny people their rights of free speech and liberty and freedom, simply because they don’t conform to your ideals of “norm” then I have news for you, you’re an asshole. So when you’re driving here, drive past. 

Ahhhh, I love a good rant. 

Went to my health centre and swam again today, and it felt so good.  

I then had two phone interviews I had to do plus a conference call with a company I am doing a private speech for later next week (in-between gigs lol) Got ready for the show early, because once again we had a  meet-and-greet at the pub next door to the venue. It’s for the Investors Group but this time for their clients. The usual hellos, photo’s and autographs. Tonight’s the night all of our families and close friends are here so the pub was mobbed before they all set off ahead of us to watch Johnny’s show begin. Got some quiet time in the back room to change my shoes, put my in-ear monitors on and warm my voice up with some hot lemon and oregano. 


“To Hear or not to Hear, that is the question.” 

Performance went like clockwork. At the end of the “toast” in the middle of Wae Yer Family, just before we entered into part of Flower Of Scotland, I could see emotion in Johnny’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said, “This is for my ma and dad, they’re here tonight.” I said, “Here tonight? Where are ye mammy?” and although I couldn’t see them for the blinding lights a big cheer went up. John and I then sang Flower Of Scotland, (probably the best yet) and the crowd went crazy. 


After we leave the stage he always has a wee bit of fun with the crowd. He will say, “Let’s here it for Glass Tiger! Keep it going for the Second best Scottish singer in Canada!” and the crowd howls. He then sets the record straight by telling them of the first time that I met his parents. We were at a function and he looked over and said, “There’s my ma and my da over there.” Having never met them I headed straight over. His mother is a tiny wee thing, about “4 feet 6 in a good pair of heels,” to quote Johnny, and so I idled close to her saying, “Mrs Reid? Alan Frew, nice to meet you, I hear you are the mother of the second-best Scottish singer in Canada?” Well I tell you, I thought she was going to “scud my ear” for me. That’s her Johnny! Her laddie. And no cheeky bugger, from Coatbridge is going to get away with that! 😂😂 Johnny and I cemented our good friendship on that trip and the rest is now history.  


After the show the band popped back into the pub to meet some friends and family. My own left immediately, to get my daughter home for an early morning rise, (School doesn’t stop for a band tour lol.) I did get to visit with my sister however, and numerous friends and a few industry folk. 

Sean dropped me off at around midnight and off to bed it is. Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow.       ~Alan