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Dear Canada Blog #41 April 5th 2018.

Since today was a complete day off at home and I am sure you don’t want to hear about the nothingness of it all I submit to you;

41 Random Thoughts......rapid fire. 

1) It has taken me years but I finally found out what was in the suitcase in the movie Pulp Fiction. Remember they open it and there is a glow? But they never show us? Well it’s a Gou........hang on someone’s at the door. 

2) The name Glass Tiger came  via a book Al Connelly was reading called Paper Lion by George Plimpton. Al suggested calling the band Paper Tiger. I thought, “Hmmm, close but........” and I came back next day and suggested GLASS TIGER 


3) It’s an old “grainy” photograph, but that is me sitting on the bridge of “THE ACTUAL U.S.S. Enterprise” in, if memory serves, Kirk’s chair from one of the movies. I am sure a Trekkie will tell me. I think that’s a Klingon beside me, it’s pretty dark. Wayne and I were actually offered the opportunity to be extras on one episode of The Next Generation, as Ferengi but we had to leave for the UK on the day they needed us. 😩😩what a drag!!

4) A group of pandas may be called an “embarrassment” of pandas.

5) You cannot change effectively that which you do not truly understand. 

6)  HOPE is overrated.

7) ACTION is the great determiner.

8)  FEAR is to be expected.

9)  FAITH is much more than an imaginary friend. 

10) LOVE is an absolute.

11) MONEY is an imagined truth.  

12) HEALTH is everything.  

13) The horse who loses its head in the GODFATHER to end up in that movie director’s bed is called KHARTOUM  

14) Glass Tiger has had four drummers; Michael Hanson, Jimmy Scotland, Randall Coryell and Chris McNeill. 

15) That is a REAL vinyl Glass Tiger single. Not sure what it plays but hey, who cares, it’s wacky enough to keep.  





 16) I once met Sean Connery in a shoe store in Chicago.

17) My mother wanted to call me Hamish. My sister saved the day with Alan.  

18) An astronaut has been in my home. 

19) I was a pathologist’s assistant for almost 4 years.  

20) I once had a fight with Jerry Lee Lewis.

21) Stevie Wonder's real name is Steveland Hardaway Judkins.

22) I have official letters after my name; Alan Frew R.N.  

23) I have been in two bands under three different names ; Onyx, Tokyo/Glass Tiger.

24) I purchased a deodorant stick today. Instructions say "Remove cap & push up bottom!" I can hardly walk but when I fart the room smells lovely! 

25)  Yes, even Einstein had off days.


26) Exercise makes you look better naked. So does tequila. Your choice.

27) “Luther is a city boy, he likes to jump for joy In the middle of a parking lot where cars don’t park a lot” ~ from Colours Of Friends and Places 

28) H.P. Sauce on eggs over easy. 

29) Sorry some of you, I am NOT a Leo I AM a Scorpio. 

30) Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

31) Her, “ When I said I liked you, I never meant....EVERY day.

32) I just went into my photos and scrolled them fast and said to myself,” Post the first one you see when it stops.” So here it is ....


33) I can eat sardines for breakfast. 

34) When asked what my favourite movie of all time is I usually go to; SPARTACUS starring Kirk Douglas. 

35) But the Godfather Parts 1 & 2 aren’t far behind.  

36) The Bro or the Mansierre? 

37)  I swim therefore I am .

38)  “We all go a little mad sometimes.” N.B.

39)  .........


40) People that complain about Mondays clearly don’t have kids. 

41) You’re next Windsor. See y’all tomorrow .  

 Goodnight Dear Canada, until tomorrow ~Alan