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Dear Canada Blog #1 - Feb 24, 2018.

February 24th, 2018.

Dear Canada, 

                    The journey begins once more. We will dance this dance yet again. You know, the one we have danced together so many times before. You know, the one whereby I travel/perform, travel/perform, travel as usual, just have to show up looking beautiful as always.

No matter how many times I have seen you, I never tire of your beauty, nor your diversity, not only in culture but also in your nature. 

From Sidney B.C. To St. John’s Newfoundland, your ever-changing costumes of rivers and streams, mountains and prairies, forests and tundras, cities and towns, never ceases to amaze me. 


On this, the first morning of our tour, I arose early to enjoy a warm bath, followed by a hearty breakfast. 

My drive to the airport was provided by my long-tIme driver, Hardeep, a kind and thoughtful man, who has become somewhat of a friend over the years. 

I joined my trusty companions at the airport, Sam Reid, Al Connelly and my assistant Sean Andrews and we set off together on a flight to Vancouver. 


How apropos that during my flight I watched Canada’s sons, The Tragically Hip, in their documentary, “Long Time Running,” which chronicles the band’s, now legendary, 2016 tour from the emotional lead up, through to the epic last show. 

Truth be told, I felt a sad, solitary tear, caress my cheek as I embraced the emotion and the sadness of their final journey together. The bond and kinship that can truly only be felt by other musicians, touched my heart, as the band took us on their final bow. The depths to which Gord Downie had to reach in order that “the show must go on” is unimaginable, yet I believe in my heart that I and just about every other working musician I know, would have done the exact same thing.


And when he left the stage 

For that very last time 

He wasn’t dying 

But rather, he was in his prime”

                         ©Frewsongs Inc 2018

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Upon landing in Vancouver we grabbed our rented vehicle and headed to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, to catch our ride over to the island. It’s amazing just how serene that journey can be when the water is calm. 

And that, dear Canada, was my day. I just finished a lovely meal with the lads and I now head to my “kip” as we call it in Glasgow, for a most-welcomed sleep. 

Tomorrow we will rehearse our segment on Johnny Reid’s stage and I am sure it will sink in once more that this is what I do. This is what I was born to do. This is what I have done these past THIRTY ONE plus years. So goodnight dear Canada, see ya tomorrow. 


                                           ~ Alan