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ROADSTORIES with Alan Frew. April 25th 2018.

Early rise in St. John’s having just completed the REVIVAL tour. Of course it won’t sink in until the day begins to develop that this tour is indeed over.

“Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain....”  

“Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain....”  

“Those days are past now, and in the past they must remain....”  

Had breakfast with Sam, Sean and Geoff (from Johnny’s team) and our waiter had the line of the week. He looks at my Toronto Maple Leafs sweatshirt and proceeds to “razz” me a little because he is a Montreal Canadiens fan. I hold my own with him as we banter back and forth and then he says this, “Well at least when we last won the Stanley was in colour!” We howled.


Yup! He’s right!  

For those of you not understanding what he was meaning, he was referring to the fact that Montreal last won the cup in 1993 (in colour on your television) while the last time the Leafs won the cup was 1967.....Black & White 😂😂 nice one. I had to give it to him.

Headed with Sam to do morning television on NTV (Newfoundland TV), then it was off to the airport. We travelled as four, even although Sean & Al had a different flight and time. They get to go home while Sam and I headed to Montreal for television, radio and press. We ran into some of Johnny’s team in the lounge who are all heading home to various parts of the country. Some are also from The States and heading there. 

Our flight was smooth and I forgot to tell you guys that I am now alleviating my Peaky Blinders withdrawals by watching, Fargo. I am about seven episodes in and really enjoying it.

Billy Bob, is sufficiently creepy as the psycho killer. 

Billy Bob, is sufficiently creepy as the psycho killer. 

Landed in Montreal where the pouring rain was making its presence felt. We received an email telling us that there wasn’t enough time to go to hotel and that we must head straight to the television studio to do rehearsals for tonight’s performance.



We got there around 4:30pm and went straight to see Véronic in her dressing room.  Those of you who may not know of what I blab of, on the new Glass Tiger CD, 31, there are duets, one of which is a French-English duet of SOMEDAY, performed with Véronic DiCaire. Her story is an interesting one because she began her career just like most of us in this business, singing, performing and recording a solo album, which in her case was for Warner Music. Véronic however discovered a special gift along with her voice, the ability to impersonate other great vocalists. Now she has honed this skill into an international career, impersonating the likes of, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, Cher, Adele, Édith Piaf to name but a few. Celine loves her act so much that she uses Véronic as her opening act all over the world.

Game 7, between the Leafs and Boston was also tonight and the folks at CBC, Montreal were kind enough to set me up back stage with a room and a large screen tv. The game was going great and the boys had taken a 4-3 lead as I left to do my performance.

With Véronic performing SOMEDAY

Véronic and I had a blast. A single performance of Someday in front of a small studio audience on a show called, Les  Échangistes. We both had shared a story earlier in the day, of how she was here to sing with me now, but as a young girl she had been a huge Glass Tiger fan and if you had told her this would happen she would have said you were crazy! Similarly with me and my story of being a fan of Rod Stewart and going on to sing with him later in life. It’s pretty incredible when it happens. 


Easy for them to say. 

We both sang extremely well but lo and behold, when I returned to my dressing room, all of about, 8mins later, Boston had taken control of the game, eventually winning 7-4. Can’t say it didn’t hurt, but the team is young and on the right pathway. They will be back.  

We said our good nights and good byes to the staff of the show and to Véronic and headed back to our hotel. Tomorrow we have a FULL day of television and radio, with an 8 a.m. lobby call.

To say that I am tired would be an understatement. It’s 12:30 a.m. and I am off to sleep. Goodnight guys. ~ Alan